Back to the future: detect phishing attacks before they happen

Protection for eBanking & eCommerce online services for known and unknown malware.

Hackers love e-traps

They create them to steal, but as your online service is undoubtedly well protected, they put their traps in the weakest points of your chain; your users.

That's why we created TrapCode: a hacker's trap, a trap for cheats. Designed to detect when your users bring threats to your online channels.

Is your eCommerce service well protected?


And what about the threats from your e-users?

Surely not.

Malware detection

Fraudulent fields & code injection

Trojans designed to steal passwords and authentication codes.

Overlaping windows

Windows overlapping techniques to capture user information.

DNS poisoning & pharming

Redirect users to fake websites.

Phishing & impersonation

Fake websites and impersonations to confuse users and steal sensitive data.

Fradulent website content change

Malware that changes balance, hides fraudulent operations etc.

Easy integrations

Transparent, fully compatible & legally compliant

No performance impact

Website loading time isn't affected. User experience isn't affected.

Multi device

Desktops, mobile devices and tablets are all fully supported.

Legally compliant

Customers don't need to install anything. Everything is transparent with your legal requirements.

Easy integration

Just load a little piece of JavaScript code at the end of your site.