Coreo is SOC oriented orchestration platform combining quality threat intelligence feeds with automatic countermeasures deployment, integration with cybersecurity devices, automatic ticketing management and reporting capabilities.

Designed for SOCs from experts on SOCs.

Efficiency. The biggest obstacle for the cybersecurity industry

Most organisations have already made huge investments in security devices. The reality is that a technology to coordinate actions on infosec devices, take decision and deploy automatic configurations is a necessity today.

SIEMS, firewalls, IDS, webproxies, cloud services, are currently working at low efficiency levels in most SOCs.

Easy & powerful playbooks creation

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Integration will main Cybersecurity vendors

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Top Level Features

Quality actionable threat intelligence

Quality IOCs feeds included out of the box. Ransomware, compromised credentials, domains, botnet resources, malicious URLS, are just some of the included IOCs. No additional feeds required.


Coreo provides automatic report generation and dashboards to share information with stakeholders. Ensure report delivery on time.

Proficiency your security

80% of alerts, verification, ticketing, configurations and ticketing can be automated. Let coreo automate routine tasks while your team keep focused on valuable tasks. Get the most out of your resources.

Data source integration

Trigger orchestration from any source, such as emails, tickets, logs or feeds. Integrate Coreo with any SIEM or API tool.