Intact Mail

EMAIL Isolation. Next-gen EMAIL security.

It does not matter if your firewall is practically impenetrable. It does not matter if you have a great antispam filter or the most efficient antivirus on the market. It does not matter that the entire company has received complete training in cybersecurity. It doesn't matter whatever you do.

One day, an infected e-mail will skip all the protections. And that day, despite all the warnings, there will be someone in your company willing to open it, to click on everything that is clickable to download and execute all attachments. And that day, you will know what chaos is.

Fortunately, there is INTACT Mail. INTACT Mail guarantees that users will never be able to access malicious elements hidden in the email, even if he/she wants. INTACT Mail adds an isolation layer to avoid that employees devices get in touch with malicious elements. Ensure full mitigation of risks of infection and targeted attack from emails.

Main Benefits

Prevent employees from accessing malicious emails. Even if they want to.

Optimize your investment

How do you justify your spending on security if an attack crosses your defenses and you do not face it quickly? Complemented with your current protection systems, Intact Mail helps you optimize your investment.

Hiding the endpoint

The employee never directly accesses final resources, attackers never receive direct connections from your infrastructure, keeping it isolated from infections, exploit kits and exposing the software versions that you use. Prevent targeted attacks to your corporate software stack.

Guarantee the continuity of your business

Thanks to Intact Mail, you can neutralize advanced attacks and ensure the continuity of your business when the victim is a critical employee.

Avoid reputation damage

In many occasions, corporate infections also spread rapidly to the outside, affecting your customers, suppliers and other contacts, and turning your company into the unwanted focus of the media.

Key Features

    Even if the user tries to access or interact with any component of the malicious email, it will be impossible.
    Intact Mail adds an isolation layer that prevents interaction with malicious contents, including links pointing to servers with malicious elements and exploit kits.

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