Virtual Security Operations Center.

A SOC is a centralized unit that deals with security issues at an organizational and technical level. Its main components are processes, people, and technologies that interact to provide security services to an organization.

The VSOC, or Virtual SOC model, is a set of complementary, modular and scalable solutions designed to give customers the ability to: anticipate, detect and respond to advanced threats, along with the provision of robust solutions to mitigate risks and provide efficient management of their ICT customers' vulnerabilities.

The VSOC is integrated by a cloud-based set of technologies and products that, managed by a combination of local and remote teams, offer the service information and capabilities through integrated portals that may be deployed at customer's and partners' sites.

Main Benefits

Optimize your investment

Security training to face new threats, incorporate new technologies and become more effective and efficient.


Security compliance management in order to match the external regulations and constraints affecting the organization.

Managed Security services

Cybersecurity Incidence Response management, to analyze, mitigate and respond to security incidents that happen to the organization.

Cloud Security

Security devices maintenance and management to guarantee the functional operations of the SOC.

Key Features

The Protection system is integrated by three elements:

    Which receives the data (logs) coming from the different customer security devices, IT and communication systems. The collected events are correlated in real-time, enriching the events with external sources that provide context information regarding threats. In the process, alerts are generated and ranked for their analysis.

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